zhongyuan Brake

Section I corporate purpose
Adhering to the leading process, advocating the industry style
3, to promote the building of civilization, leading real estate pioneer
5, actively recruit more capable people Germany decided to rise and fall of
Section II, the company philosophy
(A), (corporate values)
Our responsibility is highly efficient and safe. Our ideal is the cause and civilization.
Second, the (business philosophy)
Survive by quality, seek development with science, management efficiency, efficiency and success.
Third, the (business policy)
Cost is reasonable, courteous service. 2, the prestige first, customer first
3, people-oriented, sincere cooperation 4, good faith, life-long responsible for
Four (quality policy)
Strengthen the sense of quality, correct quality attitude to standardize the quality of behavior, and establish a quality atmosphere.
Five, (the spirit of enterprise)
1, unity and hard work, hard work, reputation-based, quality win
3, the pursuit of excellence, dedication boutique four, crafted, scaled new heights
Six, (the spirit of innovation)
Innovation is inseparable from inheritance and innovation can not be separated adhere
Innovation is inseparable from the accumulation of innovation can not be separated from learning
Innovation can not be separated from the implementation of the innovation is inseparable from the development of
VII (security policy)
The implementation of safety rules and regulations to strengthen safety precautions
Improve employee safety awareness to develop Zunzhangshouji virtue
Promote safety and cultural knowledge to promote a safe and civilized production
Eight (management philosophy)
Advocating responsibility, respect for competition, the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of efficiency.
Nine, the satisfaction of the (service concept) + surprise
X. (purpose)
1, the customer first - to meet customer needs, always at the work.
2, active and enthusiastic - enthusiasm to provide quality services for our customers.
3, polite smile - is the basic requirement that each employee should have the customer service.
4, solidarity and cooperation - a harmonious team spirit is the basis of the highest efficiency and best services.
The above purpose is the highest principles of our services, be sure to keep in mind, faithfully pursued, at any time to reflect on.
The value of the Section III stakeholders
[Win-win situation with our partners]
Health mutual aid partners, win-win development, to create the industry value chain synergies.
[For customers to create value]
Customer-centric, improve speed of response, and improve the quality of products and services, to create the best customer experience.
The benefit of the community].
And growth of national industry, and do a good corporate citizen.
[Wealthy Staff]
To the staff for the center, build a platform for career development to help staff achievements ideals.
【Feedback shareholders】
Taking into account the shareholders' long, short-term interests of establish parties commendable reputation of the capital market.

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