zhongyuan Brake

Company Profile
Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, registered capital of 30 million yuan, covers an area of 22,000 square meters, located in Henan Changyuan Hoisting Machinery Industrial Park. Is the earliest, largest and one of the famous brake manufacturer in China; leading provider of industrial brake manufacturers in China, Henan Province, lifting machinery industrial park brake production base. The products are widely used material handling equipment for ports, steel plants, thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, wind power generation, mining, shipyards, ship lift, railways and other heavy industries.
Cradles of Chinese civilization, the motherland of the Yellow River riverside, cultural and historical heritage of deep geo-economic environment is superior, convenient transportation and New Holland the railway Zongchuan things, 106 State Road, across the north and south, Daqing-Guangzhou, Jiyuan to Dongming Expressway in this intersection.
Company capacity
Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd. was the first in the industry through the ISO-9001: 2000 quality management system certification, has YWZ4 special equipment type test certificate, YWZ9 special equipment type test certificate, YWZ8 special equipment type test certificate, YW special equipment type test certificate, and a leading product inspection and test bed, state-level enterprise technical centers, as well as the new product patent, which the production of disc brakes, performance ranked first in the domestic. Brake manufacturing enterprises, product quality approved lifting the transport machinery of Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, one of only a handful of brake industry for accreditation. The formation of electro-hydraulic block brake disc electromagnetic brake, electro-hydraulic pusher, a variety of single-phase, three-phase DC solenoids, more than 200 varieties and specifications of products, and an annual output of various brake, impellers, solenoid products 10 million units of production capacity. Domestic set of electro-hydraulic brakes, a variety of hydraulic power to promote the series product development, development, manufacturing was one of specialized manufacturers.
Sales network
The company relies on advanced processing and testing means, strong technical development efforts and continuous technological innovation, and actively explore the market, the Central Plains brake product quality and service has been widely acclaimed by users to form a sales network throughout the country. "Ku" brand brakes become famous well-known brands, the company has become a major supplier of domestic major machinery factory, the products are exported to Europe, America, Russia and other countries and regions.
Company personnel
The company has a number of high-ranking technical personnel in a timely manner to track the developments of various OEMs, timely development of new products, improve existing products and processes in a timely manner, and constantly improve product performance and quality; in accordance with the requirements of different users, development a variety of special and non-standard products. In addition to providing for user characteristics, to meet user needs brake products, is also committed to continuous improvement services to participate in the research and design of the user pre-and after-sales, and promote industrial brake manufacturers and industrial braking systems solutions provider to the industrial brake system "service providers" in transition, and efforts to make customer satisfaction assured that peace of mind.
Corporate purpose
Our motto is: to win market quality and innovation to meet the demand, and service to win the trust of users. "Adhere to" honesty, quality-based, mutual benefit and win-win "and" with services to create value, to win respect and build the brand "service concept. and strive to "honest and trustworthy, a good person first, and then do the products"; "conscience do business with the quality to ensure safety, quality, reliability, security, rest assured that products and services for Chinese and foreign users, build a wall impenetrable security barrier.

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