zhongyuan Brake

Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd. with the quality of brilliant casting

Time:2012-04-03 10:25:59
Responsibility for security is extremely heavy, industries with higher security requirements are mostly related to the crane, such as construction sites, mines, large-scale infrastructure construction projects, so select the configuration of high-quality brake crane has become the industry caught the security must be One of the measures.

The brake is one of the special equipment safety protection device, if there are no brakes, the machine up and running will not stop, danger accident remedial measures, it is difficult to make, but it has been quiet contribution, not understood by the public. Often only when a difficulty with remarkable skill. "People realize it an indispensable role.

The brake is a more professional product, with a specific purpose and market, but with the increasing usage of heavy machinery, more and more domestic manufacturers began to read materials brake production of heavy machinery manufacturers and the use of enterprise, select the application What brand of brake machinery, is equivalent to choose for themselves what coefficient of security guarantees. Naturally, the brakes the higher the quality, performance, security is even more powerful.

Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd. is currently only a handful of brake industry recognized certificate brake manufacturers, is also one of the hoisting and conveying machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the quality of products approved, the company has a long history of research and development create more kinds of styles and models of hydraulic power brakes, power hydraulic pusher, strong technology, advanced technology, detection means is superb, stable and reliable product quality.

"The company recently expanded its 15,000 square meters of new factory has been completed in 2011 and the introduction of a set of foreign advanced production technology!" Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd. Wei Baogang Wei Jingli said.

"According to the current situation, to further improve the product quality requirements and testing standards, we also continue to increase the technological transformation, strict quality control to ensure a high quality high performance in the eyes of customers, the use of the Central Plains brake means Worry-free! "Weijing Li was very confident.

The Zhongyuan brake has a group of high-tech talent, and constantly increasing new product development and research, developed a variety of professional products, in order to meet different customer needs, has brought considerable economic benefits for our customers.

"Our product is to serve the needs of the market, to serve user needs, it can be said, regardless of proposed requirements, they will definitely get a satisfactory answer to the Central Plains brake" Zhongyuan brake Weijing Li said in conclusion.

Relying on advanced technology, strong R & D capabilities and customer-centric "concept, braking of the Central Plains along the way to create a remarkable performance and future prospects, will create more brilliant achievements, build for the people a wall of impenetrable security barrier.
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