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Zhong yuan brake focus market Seizing an opportunity in 2011 to new highs

Time:2012-04-03 10:27:46
Brakes, commonly known as brakes, brake. Power motorcycle crash last month, according to the survey, and the brakes have a great relationship. The brakes in addition to extensive use of the car, the industrial application quite extensive, Henan Zhongyuan brake specializing in the production of industrial brakes, at present, the company's focus on market opportunities and achieved encouraging results in 2011.

Mainly used to slow down and stop brake in the industry, mainly in the composition of the system rack, brake parts, and control devices, Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd. is the earliest, the scale of one of the largest and famous brake manufacturer, China leading manufacturer of industrial brakes. The disc brake project has been included in the national revitalization and transformation of key industries, special programs.

Sciences industry to focus on markets around the market to develop consistent implementation of the Central Plains brake business philosophy, After a several improvements and innovation, the range of products for the domestic needs of the market needs, combined with their own advantages, market development oriented enterprises play the advantage, five series of enterprise products electric hoist drum (block) brakes, disc brakes, wind brakes, drives and other products.

Central Plains brake innovation in the development process, through the ISO-9001: 2000 quality management system certification, the company has YWZ test pilot certificate YWZ9 type test pilot certificate ... enter 2011, the company is using the most advanced in Europe and America The process conditions and high-end equipment for the production of brake, each product is strict quality control and detection techniques using sophisticated equipment to detect 100% guarantee of product quality.

Always to the user experience as the center currently has a leading product inspection and testing, state-level enterprise technical centers, as well as the new product patent. Disc brake production performance among the domestic first place. In addition to a major supplier of domestic major machinery factory, the products are also exported to Europe, America, Russia's national

Disc brakes for wind power generation, mining, construction sector, water conservancy, port, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, lifting equipment, especially at the state-of-the-art machinery, particularly large demand for disc brakes. Henan Zhongyuan Brake Co., Ltd. is a recognized certification of product quality of material handling equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, brake manufacturers, set power hydraulic brakes, and a variety of hydraulic power to promote the development of series products, development, manufacture in one specialization manufacturers.

The company produces a variety of electro-hydraulic brake disc electromagnetic brake, electro-hydraulic pusher, a variety of single-phase, three-phase DC electromagnet and a dozen other series over 200 varieties and specifications of products, with annual output of various brake promote, electromagnet Product million units of production capacity。 The company is currently developing multiple series of products with independent property rights, not only filled the domestic blank, instead of imported products, a significant reduction in the cost of doing business.

2011, Central Plains brake, "sincerely touched by customers, the quality as a fundamental, rapid development of the continuous efforts for the brake industry, tightly around the market, seize the opportunity, a new high。
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